Vicky Schneider

Vicky Schneider

Deputy Director EMBL-ABR
Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne
Chair of Standards Committee at GOBLET

Vicky is part of EMBL-ABR Executive Team and leads EMBL-ABR External Relations.  Vicky is the chair of EMBL-ABR Head of Nodes Group, and is involved in EMBL-ABR Key Areas Coordinators,  EMBL-ABR Community Leads and the Special Interest Group: Open Science. Vicky manages EMBL-ABR relationships at a political and policy level, with a broad range of stakeholders throughout Australia and internationally. Vicky engages with representatives of the scientific institutions, funding bodies and policy makers providing support for the EMBL-ABR development, its services and the collaborative projects it coordinates. Vicky works closely with the Communications team  responsible for EMBL-ABR’s communications activities including press and media engagement, social media presence and the dissemination of publications.