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2017 Training Programme for Open and Scalable Training, more details here!


About EMBL-ABR Training

The advent of high throughput technologies has greatly increased the demand from life scientists to learn how to use bioinformatics resources and tools. This worldwide phenomenon is also widespread in Australia. EMBL-ABR aims to provide new opportunities and harmonise existing training efforts across Australia to maximise the reach and scope of bioinformatics training, as well as to share experience and best practice from Australia with international initiatives.

EMBL-ABR Training focuses on:

  • providing Hub workshops on crucial topics not covered elsewhere in national bioinformatics training
  • bringing expertise to Australia through visits by international experts and improved access to training resources
  • coordination and dissemination of node end-user training activities
  • distance learning and flexible e-learning resources for bioinformatics collaborative training

EMBL-ABR has established collaborations and joined key global efforts is in Bioinformatics Training and Education. EMBL-ABR is currently engaging with:

EMBL-ABR is also an active member of The Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training GOBLET.

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Training Coordination

EMBL-ABR is developing Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on Key topics and specific biological domains that will discuss and provide solutions concerning challenges and questions relevant to bioinformatics services and infrastructure for those specific domains and key areas. EMBL-ABR Key Area Training Coordination is led by Dr Sonika Tyagi, EMBL-ABR: AGRF Node. The first SIG on Training & Communication meeting is envisaged to take place early 2017 and will follow-up from the discussion and action points derived from the EMBL-ABR Open and Scalable Training workshop, 8 December 2016, see more info here.

Interested in staying informed or want to get involved? please contact us.

Training template and support for EMBL-ABR Affiliated Events run by Nodes

Please find here the Training Template and the process for EMBL-ABR Affiliated Events run by Nodes


For more information on the EMBL-ABR Key Area of Training, please contact Sonika Tyagi, Training Coordinator.