About EMBL-ABR Training

The advent of data intensive high throughput technologies has greatly increased the demand from life scientists to learn how to use bioinformatics resources and tools. EMBL-ABR aims to provide new opportunities and harmonise existing training efforts across Australia to maximise the reach and scope of bioinformatics training, as well as to share experience and best practice from Australia with international initiatives. We focus on:

    • organising workshops across our network on crucial topics not covered elsewhere in national bioinformatics training;
    • bringing expertise to Australia through visits by, or arranging virtual training events for our nodes with international experts
    • arranging virtual training events for our nodes with local experts
    • helping our nodes to coordinate and disseminate information about locally arranged node-organised training activities
    • promoting the development of training material in a shared open access manner to increase exchange and re-use of material and minimising duplication of efforts in developing new training.


Upcoming Training Events

    • Search for Upcoming Training Eventsthe EMBL-ABR Hub adds events we are aware of to the ELIXIR Global training portal and you can filter for events in Australia. If you would like an event added, contact us.


Want to run a national training course across the EMBL-ABR network?

    • We have pioneered the delivery of training via a “hybrid” methodology where we have an expert training lead delivering content via videoconferencing facilities to participating EMBL-ABR nodes where we have pre-trained local facilitators in attendance to help the trainees.
    • If you are interested in leveraging the EMBL-ABR network to deliver such training, please use this form to propose a training event.


Looking for Training Materials?

    • Melbourne Bioinformatics training resources (I)
    • Melbourne Bioinformatics training resources (II)
    • Monash Bioinformatics Platform’s Training Materials (Intro to R; R More; RNAseq Using R)
    • You can also try our (beta) specialised google search for bioinformatics training materials
    • ELIXIR Training Portal (materials and events – European focus)
    • GOBLET Training Portal (materials and events (global))
    • NIH BD2K ERuDIte (materials (US focus))
    • EMBL-EBI Online Training
    • Bioinformatics Training at the Babraham Institute (materials)
    • Collection of High-throughput Sequencing Training Materials
    • Global resources of the Galaxy Training Network
    • Software Carpentry lessons
    • Data Carpentry lessons
    • Bioplatforms Australia/CSIRO Bioinformatics Training Platform (BTP) training material




EMBL-ABR has established collaborations and joined key global efforts is in Bioinformatics Training and Education. EMBL-ABR is engaging with:

    • The Gulbenkian Training Programme in Bioinformatics (GTPB)
    • Bioinformatics and computational biology courses at the University of Cambridge
    • Courses and Workshops from EMBL-HD and outstations
    • ELIXIR IT (Train the Trainer Taskforce)
    • CyVerse

EMBL-ABR is also an active member of The Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training GOBLET.




For more information on the EMBL-ABR Key Area of Training, please contact Sonika Tyagi, Training Coordinator.