Training Programme 2017

Scalable and Open Training 2017

Our Training Programme in 2017 is centred around scalability and openness!

We have several projects going on:

  1. The promotion and awareness creation of the EMBL-EBI Training Webinar Series across Australia, including a forum supported by EMBL-ABR with EMBL-EBI to gather questions and problems that the Australia Bioscience community has, with the aim of getting the most out of publicly available biological data. We will explore how to work across time barriers and ensure accessibility for Australia of the online training EMBL-EBI already has established.
  2. Exploring a collaboration on training materials where EMBL-ABR contributes to actual online courses in Train online, bringing specific case studies of relevance to Australia Biosciences.
  3. Exploring potential methods for increasing training capacity for EMBL-EBI resources to increase the use of such resources across Australia.
  4. Working on understanding what are the key needs now and in the future when it comes to bioscientists training in bioinformatics in Australia, and which maybe the best Content management system to set up for scalable online training
  5. Developing Training modules on Rad-seq analysis for bioscientists, in collaboration with GOBLET
  6. Promoting and coordinating Training from across EMBL-ABR Nodes.

Want to stay up to date or let us know a topic or skill you are keen to learn? Please contact us here.

Download our poster Training2017!

The Programme is led by Vicky Schneider and Sonika Tyagi, and in collaboration with Sarah Morgan and Melissa Burke from EMBL-EBI.

The Programme is supported by EMBL-ABR Hub Training Coordinator Christina Hall.