Australia now Biosharing through agreement finalised this week

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Australia now Biosharing through agreement finalised this week

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From this week Australian researchers are able to contribute their materials to this portal and to get access to its store, thanks to an agreement between Biosharing and EMBL-ABR. Such access will enable further dissemination of shared data standards for researchers around the world.

Biosharing is a web-based, searchable portal of three interlinked registries, containing both in-house and crowd-sourced, manually curated descriptions of standards, databases and data policies, combined with views, collections and recommendations across all three registries.

Australian Bioinformatics is growing in capacity and influence and Australian bioinformaticians can leverage Biosharing to not only see what is already available, but to highlight their databases and standards to an international audience and link them into the BioSharing ecosystem, providing context and increased visibility for those resources.

This week we caught up with Dr Peter McQuilton, Knowledge Engineer/Senior Research Associate and content lead for the BioSharing project led out of the University of Oxford’s e-Research Centre, to get a better understanding of what BioSharing is all about.

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