Why big data is a big deal

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Why big data is a big deal

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The following is an extract from “Why Big data is a big deal” featuring EMBL-ABR Director Andrew Lonie and Deputy Director Vicky Schneider

“…University of Melbourne Associate Professor Vicky Schneider is the new deputy director of theEMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) hosted at the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI) and is part of this big data revolution in biological and life science research.

“There has been tremendous excitement about the tammar wallaby, dunnart and thylacine genomes because marsupials have a unique adaptation to develop outside the sterile confines of a uterus into a harsh pathogen-rich environment,” says Associate Professor Schneider.

“Biomedical scientists working in the field of antibiotic resistance see this data as having the potential to discover new drugs to manage growing antibiotic resistance in our community. Clues to old problems can be found in new unexpected places.”

Associate Professor Andrew Lonie, Director of the VLSCI and EMBL-ABR, agrees: “Publishing a new genome is like sending out a party invitation to your research colleagues all over the world – it just that a lot of the action takes place online…”

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