Open Science: an interview with Rob Lanfear

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Open Science: an interview with Rob Lanfear

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ANU Senior Researcher Rob Lanfear left evo-devo research for the more open community engaged in bioinformatics. He loves the fast-paced action in his field, which he feels must be kept open if it is to deliver timely research outcomes: Nanopore sequencing is the best example I can think of. This is an exceptionally fast-moving field, in which the instrument and data themselves change almost every month. To be at the cutting edge of this field requires almost daily updates on everything from lab protocols to the final data analyses. Traditional publication cycles are far too slow to be useful here. Instead, the community is fantastically open. People are sharing their protocols on sites like, writing detailed blog posts on tips and tricks for analyses, releasing bioinformatics code early and often on GitHub, and posting preprints as soon as an analysis is complete. Bioinformatics plays an absolutely key role here.

Full interview.

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