EMBL-ABR/ELIXIR/CyVerse workshop: Registries in Bioinformatics

EMBL-ABR workshop – Registries in Bioinformatics: tools, datasets, standards, events & training

with ELIXIR and CyVerse

9 December 2016, 9:30am-12:30pmcyverse-2ELIXIR_logo_white_background

Hosted at EMBL-ABR Hub and EMBL-ABR: VLSCI Node

Event organiser (Logistics/Admin): Christina Hall

Scientific organisers (Program/Faculty selection):

Rafael Jimenez, ELIXIR Chief Technical Officer, ELIXIR Hub

Sonika Tyagi, Head, EMBL-ABR: AGRF Node
Bioinformatics Supervisor, AGRF

Vicky Schneider, Deputy Director, EMBL-ABR
Associate professor at the University of Melbourne

Jason Williams, Assistant Director, External Collaborations: DNALC
Lead – Education, Outreach, Training: CyVerse
DNA Learning Center
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Please access the presentation here. You can also view the document collecting the workshop discussion and actions on that day.

What is this about?

This workshop will provide an introduction to existing solutions and methods for registries across a variety of areas relevant to bioinformatics, such as tools, datasets, standards, events and training. The workshop will provide a forum to discuss pros and cons as well as general best practices when it comes to registries. It will also offer a hands on session on submission (content upload), dissemination (content pull) and visualisation. The final session will be a writing activity: based on the experience gained through the day, participants and faculty will write a review of existing registries, a guide for how to use registry information and summarise the next challenges.

Useful background terminology and concepts:

“… A registry is a list of items with pointers for where to find the items, like the index on a database table or the card catalog for a library. A repository stores the actual items, like a database table itself or a library’s shelves of books …” [1]

“… registries hold references to things and repositories hold the things …” [2]

Who should attend?


Full program 

Time Topic Chair
 09:30-10:00 Welcome, expectations & who’s who
10:00-10:30 Overview to Registries Rafael
10:30-11:30 Technologies, including BioSchemas, BioJS & WebServices Rafael
11:30-12:30 Hands on: submission, dissemination & visualisation Rafael & Jason


Lab-14 Seminar Space, VLSCI – The University of Melbourne, 700 Swanston St (cnr Grattan St), Carlton, Victoria, Australia.