Past Events & Presentations

Past Events

Most links go to sites where workshop materials are maintained for further self-directed learning.


March 2018

Long Read Genome Assembly workshop

Experts from the Melbourne Bioinformatics Node delivered this workshop in both 2017 and 2018 based in part on content developed for the Bioplatforms Australia SEPSIS-Omics project. Workshop content is being updated regularly.

Containerised Bioinformatics: Docker and other tools for reproducible analysis.


21 November 2017

Genome Annotation using Apollo Workshop with Monica Munoz-Torres

 Link here to video of workshop on our YouTube channel.


May 2017

EMBL-ABR/ELIXIR-UK Virtual Training Environment Workshop


7 April 2017

ANDS Tech Talk, ‘The Data Life Cycle for Biology – a Researcher Perspective’

Speaker: Dr Philippa Griffin

Presentation PDF



6 April 2017

Museum Genomics in Practice workshop, ANU, Canberra

Speaker: Dr Philippa Griffin

Presentation PDF



EMBL-ABR was host organiser for:

2016_EMBL-ABR_eventsGalaxy Australasia Meeting February 2017

You can find slides from the Researcher Training Day RAD-seq session here.


9 December 2016

EMBL-ABR Open and Scalable Training Workshop with Rafael Jimenez, Chief Technical Officer ELIXIR, ELIXIR Hub, UK

9 December 2016, Melbourne

EMBL-ABR/ELIXIR Workshop on Bioinformatics Registries with Rafael Jimenez, Chief Technical Officer ELIXIR, ELIXIR Hub, UK

8 December 2016

EMBL-ABR/ELIXIR Workshop: Bioinformatics Software with Rafael Jimenez, ELIXIR, (UK), and Jason Williams, CyVerse (US)

7 December 2016

EMBL-ABR All Hands Meeting

28 November 2016

AMSI BioInfoSummer, Adelaide, Australia Speaker: Dr Philippa Griffin

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16 November 2016

AGRF: Melbourne Next Generation Sequencing Special Interest Group Meeting – Speaker: Vicky Schneider

Presentation PDF


14-15 November 2016

EMBL-ABR/GOBLET Hands-on training: RNA-seq data analysis with Dr Eija KorpelainenCSC-IT Center for Science Ltd, Finland

2 November 2016

AB3ACBS 2016 Conference, Brisbane, Australia

Speaker: Dr Philippa Griffin

Presentation PDF


24-28 October 2016

Best Practice workshop series – the data life-cycle

22 June 2016
EMBL ABR Network Focus Group Meeting

11 April 2016
EMBL ABR Training Day: CyVerse

21 March 2016
EMBL ABR Training & Learning Workshop

ISMB 2016
ECCB 2016
AGTA 2016