Genome Annotation & Open Science Workshops

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately Monica Munoz-Torres has cancelled her national tour of Australia due to circumstances beyond her control. If you have registered for one of her workshops, please contact the host organisers for a refund. EMBL-ABR is working with Monica to see if we can share her workshop materials in an alternative format with Australian researchers. We share your disappointment and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Monica Munoz-Torres is visiting Australia to undertake a roadshow across EMBL-ABR Nodes.

Monica Munoz-Torres is Biocuration Lead and Bioinformatics Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In her role in the Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-Source Projects group (BBOP) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she offers evolutionary and biologically relevant perspectives to the development of genome annotation editing tools. She is a molecular biologist with a background in genomic resources production: in the lab, in library construction and analysis; and at the computer, in molecular evolution, genome annotation editing, functional annotation, etc.

Moni is the current Project Manager for Apollo – a web-based annotation editor designed to support community-based curation of genomes – and manager for outreach and user advocacy for the Gene Ontology Consortium. She is currently the Chair of the International Society for Biocuration (ISB), and she leads the Community Curation group within the global initiative to sequence and annotate the genomes of 5,000 arthropods (i5K Initiative). Although she now moves in a species-agnostic environment for curation of non-model organisms, much of her previous work was focused on Arthropods, particularly species of Hymenoptera – thus her unapologetic insect bias.


As well as consulting with local researchers on their own research challenges, Moni will offer one or two workshops tailored at each location in partnership with local presenters. Workshops include talks by Moni and local experts who will lead hands-on exercises and discussions.

Genome Annotation

Gene Prediction and Annotation
Genome Curation
The Gene Ontology – Functional Annotation
Genome Annotation tools

Open Science

What is Open Science, and why participate?
What makes good Open Data in Biology?
Data Management Plans
Open Methods and Code
Open Access Publishing
Open Training Materials
Tips for Collaborative Science

Follow the registration links below to register for your local event

EMBL-ABR: Melbourne Bioinformatics Node

27 June: Genome Annotation workshop, Alan Gilbert Building, University of Melbourne

28 June: Open Science workshop, Alan Gilbert Building, University of Melbourne

EMBL-ABR: University of Tasmania Node

29 June: Genome Annotation workshop, Maths & Physics Building, Sandy Bay Campus, University of Tasmania, Hobart

30 June: Open Science workshop, Maths & Physics Building, Sandy Bay Campus, University of Tasmania, Hobart

EMBL-ABR: James Cook University Node

3 July: Genome Annotation workshop, Room 034-011C, James Cook University, Townsville

4 July: Townsville consultations (contact local host, Ira Cooke)

EMBL-ABR: Melbourne Bioinformatics Node

5-6 July: Melbourne consultations (contact local hosts, Pip GriffinSonika Tyagi)

EMBL-ABR: University of New South Wales Node

7 July: Genome Annotation workshop, M020, Red Centre, UNSW

10 July: UNSW Seminar


11 July: Brisbane consultations (contact local host, Dominique Gorse)

12 July: Genome Annotation workshop

13 July: Open Science workshop

EMBL-ABR: AGRF Node (Perth)

14 July: Perth consultations (contact local hosts, Saurabh Shrivastava, Sonika Tyagi)

17 July: Genome Annotation workshop, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

Follow the registration links to register for your local event and download the poster here!