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Monash University is a leading centre of activity in bioinformatics. Embedded in the Clayton Innovation Precinct, Monash holds key expertise in genomics, proteomics and imaging informatics, develops bioinformatics tools and platforms for Australian researchers, and is a leading participant in national and international bioinformatics initiatives. The Monash bioinformatics community is led, coordinated and underpinned by the Monash Bioinformatics Platform and the Monash Node will contribute high level training activities, sophisticated imaging and instrument platforms and high performance compute to the EMBL-ABR network.

EMBL-icon-training Monash will improving bioinformatics practice through establishing best practice around data analysis lifecycles, tool and training material development. The development of guidelines relating to community best-practices, technical leadership, implementation of infrastructure, development and delivery of training will benefit bioinformaticians and biologists facing the challenges of data intensive science.
EMBL-icon-platforms Coordinated deployment and training in the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) will be facilitated by the EMBL-ABR network. The CVL integrates imaging instruments with cloud-based computing and data storage, provides online environments for data analysis and visualisation, and makes a wide variety of data processing tools and techniques more easily accessible to a wide cohort of imaging users.
EMBL-icon-compute A share of the MASSIVE facility will be available to the bioinformatics community through EMBL-ABR. MASSIVE is a unique Australian facility with a focus on fast data processing, including processing data in-experiment, large-scale visualisation, and analysis of large-cohort and longitudinal research studies.


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