JCU logoJames Cook University is a leader in Tropical Health and Medicine, Marine Science, Aquaculture and Tropical Ecosystems. Unique bioinformatics strengths have built around diverse research interests such as non-model organism research including corals and tropical aquaculture species, genomics and proteomics of tropical parasites and pathogens, and diseases that disproportionately affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The JCU Node will provide training in big data analysis that cuts across these research areas. The node will provide better mechanisms for sharing this knowledge, both in North Queensland through regular local events, and nationally by providing specialist input to national projects, and by developing software tools and training materials with a particular focus on these specialties. The JCU Node is ideally positioned to engage with the bioinformatics communities of countries in South East Asia and Oceania. As one of the world’s leading tropical universities, JCU will contribute unique tropical, marine and non-model organism expertise and resources to the EMBL-ABR network.


EMBL-icon-training Regular bioinformatics workshops at the JCU Node will cover a basic skills such as those covered by Data and Software Carpentry workshops, as well as specialist workshops on a range of topics including Epigenetics, Phylogenomics, Population genomics, Transcriptomics and Metagenomics. The JCU Node will work with the rest of the network to federate training materials, and training activities will be open to all Australian researchers.
EMBL-icon-platforms Genomics Virtual Lab instances will be built with tools required for coral genomics and metagenomics, proteomics, non-model organism transcriptomics that will specifically suit local training and research requirements. This will involve developing new tools for Galaxy and involve providing access to indexed genomic resources. The initial focus will be on developing and documenting GVL flavours for undergraduate bioinformatics training and metagenomics, which will be available to researchers throughout Australia.


Dr Ira Cooke

Senior Lecturer

James Cook University