EMBL-ABR International Science Advisory Group

EMBL-ABR International Science Advisory Group brings together a number of highly-regarded scientists from around the world, to discuss and advise on EMBL-ABR strategy, activities and priorities. The Advisory Group is convened by the Director Andrew Lonie and aims to meet once a year at the EMBL-ABR Hub in Melbourne. Following a teleconference in June 2016, the Group’s inaugural meeting was held in Melbourne on the 5-6 December 2016 where Assoc Professor Tony Papenfuss was welcomed as a new member representing the Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society (ABACBS). During 2017 Professor Jenny Martin departed and was replaced by Professor Rochelle Tractenberg.

ISAG members, L-R: Tony Papenfuss, Rebecca Johnson, Vivien Bonazzi, Jason Williams, Paul Flicek, Sean Grimmond, Jaap Heringa, Delphine Fleury, Mark Walker, (absent, Rochelle Tractenberg).

EMBL-ABR International Science Advisory Group members are:

EMBL-EBI: Dr Paul Flicek (Senior Scientist and Team Leader, Vertebrate Genomics, European Bioinformatics Institute) 

NIH BD2K/Commons: Dr Vivien Bonazzi (Senior Advisor for Data Science Technologies & Innovation, Office of Associate Director for Data Science, NIH) 

CyVerse: Mr Jason Williams (CyVerse Education, Training and Outreach Lead; Assistant Director for External Collaboration, Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories DNA Learning Center, NY) 

ELIXIR: Prof Jaap Heringa (Scientific Director, Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre, and Deputy Head, ELIXIR-NL) 

ABACBS representative: Assoc Prof Tony Papenfuss (Head, Computational Biology; Laboratory Head, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute; President, Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society)

Australian Expert in Plant Research: Dr Delphine Fleury (Program Leader, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics) 

Australian Expert in Animal Research: Dr Rebecca Johnson (Director, Australian Museum Research Institute, Science and Learning)

Australian Expert in Microbial Research : Prof Mark Walker (Director, Australian Infectious Disease Research Centre, UQ) 

Australian Expert in Medical Research: Prof Sean Grimmond (Director of Cancer Research, University of Melbourne) 

Diversity and Industry Expert: Prof Rochelle E. Tractenberg (Director, Collaborative for Research on Outcomes and -Metrics. Associate Professor, Departments of Neurology; Biostatistics; & Rehabilitation Medicine, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA)