Invertebrate Omics

Invertebrates from insects to protozoans are key to unrevealing and providing insights in a variety of biological discoveries. However, one could mostly considered these as non-model organism when it comes to bioinformatics resources and tools. The last decade, next-generation sequencing advances as well as proteomics, metabolomics and other -Omics, have enabled such approaches to ecological, evolutionary and developmental questions in non-model as well as model organisms. The necessary bioinformatics resources and tools gap remains, however, with many tools designed in a species-specific manner and relatively little software, tool and platform development effort being exerted outside the model organism space.

It is the right time to fill this gap and to enable life scientists working across a variety of biological systems to obtain, extract, interpret and understand the biology of their target species.

EMBL-ABR brings the opportunity to explore what key activities would be most beneficial and are needed when it comes to Invertebrate omics. Initial efforts will be looking at best practice in data life cycle across different biological domains, which we will also extend to invertebrates omics. This will encompass experimental design principles, sample collection, processing procedures, sequencing, assembly and annotation approaches. It will also highlight any gaps and need to create an annotation and curation environment for invertebrates omics. These efforts will also define which  activities we should be workingtowards establishing methodologies that can reproducibly deliver high quality reference genomes, proteomes, metabolomes,  supplemented with biologically relevant annotation datasets, to researchers working in areas of national significance. Within this area, visualization of datasets and patterns also plays an important role, and will be included into the focus of this Activity topic.

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EMBL-ABR Activity Lead: Invertebrates Omics

Kevin Dudley is the EMBL-ABR Activity Lead for Invertebrate Omics. Kevin is the Research Officer of the Genomics Laboratory | Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Kevin is involved in several projects dealing with invertebrates and protozoa, looking at Epigenetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, DNA Methylation and Plasticity. Kevin is also keen in exploring integration across Omics . To get involved in this activity or to find out more, please get in touch with Kevin.