2016 Interview Series: reflecting on bioinformatics

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2016 Interview Series: reflecting on bioinformatics

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During 2016 we contacted Australian and international expert bioinformaticans and asked them the same six questions. The variety of their responses reflects the diversity of our community and the challenges we face. Take some time to read them here:

Professor Mark Ragan, Queensland, Australia

Professor Marc Wilkins, News South Wales, Australia

Dr Jac Charlesworth, Tasmania, Australia

Mr Jason Williams, New York, USA

Dr John Hancock, Norwich, UK

Dr Nathan Watson-Haigh, Adelaide, South Australia

Mr Pedro Fernandes, Oeiras, Portugal

Mr Rafael Jimenez, Cambridge, UK

Dr Allegra Via, Bari, Italy

Dr Frederik Coppens, Ghent, Belgium

Dr Suzanna Lewis, California, USA

Prof Teresa Attwood, Manchester, UK

Prof Jenny L. Martin, Queensland, Australia

Ms Sandra Orchard, Hinxton, UK

Prof Rudi Appels, Perth, Western Australia

Dr Dieter Bulach, Melbourne, Australia

Ms Lavinia Gordon, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Kate LeMay, Canberra, Australia

Dr Jyoti Khadake, Cambridge, UK

We thank all the contributors of this series in 2016. Over the summer of 2016/17  we also interviewed

Dr Richard Edwards, Sydney, Australia, and he spoke about the difficulties of maintaining good bioinformatics software tools.

In 2017 we focussed on Open Science & Bioinformatics – go to 2017 Series.