2018 Interview Series: Training, training, training

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2018 Interview Series: Training, training, training

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There is good reason we are focussing on training for the 2018 Interview Series:

“A national bioinformatics training infrastructure may be the best strategy to empower researchers to participate in biology’s evolution as a data science,” was one finding in an article published by Jason Williams, Chair our of International Advisory Group, and co-authored with Tracy K. Teal, in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences special January 2017 issue on Data Science, Learning, and Applications to Biomedical and Health Sciences. The paper is here: A vision for collaborative training infrastructure for bioinformatics. Earlier in 2017 we invited Jason to elaborate, and he wrote:

Life science research is and will increasingly be shaped by infrastructure that supports it. At the beginning of Big Data biology, this meant funding sequencers and computers and while we still need those, we also need to become smarter. Increases in our ability to solve the big problems in biology have come as much from scaling people (through training, sharing of practices, and collaboration) as they have from cheaper sequencing or faster processors.

Read the views of our invited interviewees:

Daniel Park, Melbourne Bioinformatics, Victoria, Australia

Sonika Tyagi, Monash Bioinformatics Platform, Victoria, Australia

Gareth Price, QFAB Bioinformatics, Queensland, Australia