EMBL-icon-internationalBioinformatics resources and support for life scientist communities around the world are being provided by a range of established or developing centralised, distributed, and mixed model national research infrastructures. Effort at the national scale in several countries has received national level funding and in some cases additional commitment from participating institutions.

Such initiatives stem from the necessity to respond to the large demand for e-infrastructure to allow users to efficiently and safely store, share, analyse and publish their data. In this data-driven era, it is vital to participate in international efforts in Data, Standards, Interoperability, Tools, Resources and Training.

It is crucial for the Australian Bioinformatics community to actively participate in world’s best practice bioinformatics, positioning our institutions at the forefront with international partners, rather than acting as bystanders or consumers.

EMBL-ABR is working intensively towards establishing a variety of links and partnerships with major International and National Bioinformatics e-infrastructures, such as ELIXIR.

One area where EMBL-ABR has established collaborations and joined key global efforts is in Bioinformatics Training and Education. EMBL-ABR is currently engaging with:

EMBL-ABR is also an active member of The Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training GOBLET.