GOBLET / EMBL-ABR agreement to build international alliances

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GOBLET / EMBL-ABR agreement to build international alliances

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With a collaborative agreement being formalised this week between EMBL-ABR and the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training (GOBLET), we are very pleased to have Professor Teresa Attwood, founder, and current Chair of GOBLET, musing on current trends and needs in bioinformatics.

Her vision for EMBL-ABR?  To see it become the go-to Hub for Australian bioinformatics, in terms both of research and the provision of services, including training. It would be good also to see EMBL-ABR taking part in, and helping to lead, global initiatives not just at the level of research, but also at the level of training and EMBL-ABR’s membership of GOBLET is a perfect example of this kind of outreach and leadership. 

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