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Welcome to Galaxy Australia


  • to bring Australian Galaxy users and administrators closer together
  • to identify and address the needs of the community
  • to encourage interaction and collaboration.


Providing an information hub for

  • delivering Australian-based Galaxy training courses
  • presenting Australian-based talks involving Galaxy
  • collating the locations of Australian Galaxy servers
  • networking opportunities for Australian Galaxy users/administrators.

About us

The establishment of Galaxy Australia is supported by the EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) in its appointed role supporting the development of skills and training in the Australian life science research community. At the EMBL-ABR Hub, hosted at Melbourne Bioinformatics, Galaxy is used extensively for teaching and data analysis directly as well as through the Australian-made Genomics Virtual Laboratory. Our expert bioinformaticians and professional staff will help promote community activities and training.

May 2018 update

The Australia-wide Galaxy server is now live at For this story and all future updates on this project, go to the project blog.

March 2018 update – announcing an Australia-wide Galaxy service

Galaxy-QLD, an RCC-operated and freely available service instance of the open, web-based Galaxy platform for computational biology research, is expanding and being relaunched in Australia as Galaxy Australia.

NCRIS (National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy) funding sourced via QCIF is enabling RCC and partner Melbourne Bioinformatics to extend and update the service model for Galaxy across Australia so all Australian researchers will soon have an increased number of tools, reference genome choice and user support at hand.

Galaxy Australia will enable accessible, reproducible, and transparent research, and is a major feature of the Australian-made Genomics Virtual Laboratory.

Galaxy Australia will now offer the same high-level of support for the dynamic management of computational requirements for various Galaxy workloads for all Australian researchers.

In mid-March Melbourne Bioinformatics’ resident Galaxy guru, Simon Gladman, attended the ELIXIR Galaxy community meeting in Freiburg, Germany for the official launch of the server and to announce the upcoming this new Galaxy Australia server –

Galaxy Australasia Meeting 2017 (GAMe 2017)

GAMe 2017 One of our first activities was to organise the Galaxy Australasia Meeting 2017 (GAMe 2017), held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3-9 February.  GAMe 2017 featured a day of life science researcher training, a two-day conference, and a four day workshop on how to administer Galaxy instances. The meeting attracted 80 participants from 9 countries, with keynotes by Dr James Taylor,  Ralph S. O’Connor Assoc Prof of Biology & Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, and Dr Björn Grüning, Head, Freiburg Galaxy Project, Bioinformatics Group, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg, German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure.

Thank you for our sponsors: Australian Genome Research Facility, Cray, EMBL-ABR, Galaxy, University of Melbourne & the Melbourne Bioinformatics Node.

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