EMBL-ABR: an interview with Frederik Coppens

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EMBL-ABR: an interview with Frederik Coppens

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Philippa Griffin, our Open Data Coordinator, has been at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, as one of a team of instructors at the Galaxy Community Conference 2016. While there she had the opportunity to interview some leading practitioners from our global network of bioinformaticians. For this week’s interview she spoke with Frederik Coppens from Belgium.

Frederik’s comments echoed statements made at the first network meeting hosted at the EMBL-ABR Hub at VLSCI last week – that all roads lead to annotation. Answering a question about open data, he says, “I think open data is about making it easy for people to reuse your data for validation purposes or for completely different purposes that nobody ever thought of…. but you need to be able to tell what the data is, in a very structured way, through the metadata… It’s a very hard question to tackle because nobody’s used to spending time on actually making sure data is annotated well, annotated consistently, so that you don’t have to go through manually to make sure that all the definitions are accurate and useful.”

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