EMBL-ABR/ELIXIR-UK Virtual Training Environment Workshop

EMBL-ABR/ELIXIR-UK Virtual Training Environment Workshop

with a showcase from the Australian GVL

When and Where

25th May 2017

This workshop will take place at the Department of Genetics at the University of Cambridge.

What is this workshop about

This workshop will consist of presentations from three experts (Yasset Perez-Riverol, Bjoern Gruening and Simon Gladman)  and their current solutions when it comes to virtualisation and how it can be used within the context of training environments. We will discussed these in the context for open and scalable training.

We will devote a session of 2 hours to learn in particular about the Genomics Virtual Lab (GVL), which provides a cloud-based suite of genomics analysis tools that would normally require specialist assistance. The GVL has successfully been used across Australia as well as in collaborative training workshops around the world, for a variety of training modules including:  Introduction to Galaxy, RNA-seq analysis, Variant Calling, assembly, Chipseq, metagenomics, RAD-seq.

Refer to workbench services for full details, or you can view a summary doc of the GVL  here.

Workshop Experts

Simon Gladman, developer for the GVL, particularly the microbial GVL. He is also the lead implementer of shared services using the GVL.

Frederik Coppens, ELIXIR Belgium and VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, currently also leading the Galaxy Working Group within ELIXIR.

Bjoern Gruening, de.NBI and Head of the Freiburg Galaxy Team.

Rafael Jimenez, ELIXIR Hub, ELIXIR Chief Technical Officer.

Yasset Perez-Riverol, BioContainers Core Team.

Workshop Organisers

Gabriella Rustici, ELIXIR UK and University of Cambridge

Vicky Schneider, EMBL-ABR and University of Melbourne