The Systems Biology Initiative is a centre for molecular systems biology located at the University of New South Wales. It applies its expertise in omics technology and affiliated bioinformatics to address a range of biological questions at a systems level. It has particular expertise in the use of next-generation sequencing for genomics and transcriptomics, and in the use of mass spectrometry for proteomic investigations. It has a longstanding interest in the generation and analysis of intracellular networks and their use in the integrative analysis of omics data. As part of the EMBL-ABR network, the SBI Node would support researchers using next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarray or mass spectrometry technology to answer systems-level questions in molecular biology.


EMBL-icon-data The SBI Node has expertise in the analysis of transcriptomics data, and in the assembly, QC and annotation of novel genomes. It has deep experience in the submission of data to repositories such as GEO, SRA, GenBank, ProteomeXchange, and PRIDE. The bioinformatics expertise driving success in SBI projects and collaborators will be accessible to the EMBL-ABR network and an increasingly international audience.
EMBL-icon-training Staff at the SBI Node develop and teach hands-on workshops in NGS sequencing for genomics and transcriptomics. Being part of the EMBL-ABR will share skills and expertise and foster international best practice.
EMBL-icon-tools The SBI Node has a suite of resources available to independent users, including recently developed tools such as:

– PG Nexus for proteogenomics

– PTMOracle Cytoscape app for functional analysis of protein modification in protein interaction networks

– SlimSuite for the identification of short linear motifs in protein interaction networks.

Participation in EMBL-ABR will assist in the dissemination of these tools and inform further development.


Prof. Marc Wilkins

Director Systems Biology Initiative, Director Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics

University of New South Wales


61 2 9385 3633