QCIF is a consortium of six leading Queensland universities and includes QFAB, the Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics. QCIF operates significant HPC, cloud computing and data storage resources, is part of the national eResearch infrastructure, offers a wide range of services across a broad spectrum of research domains and undertakes projects of local and national significance. QFAB is an established and mature centre for computational life sciences expertise, providing expert consulting and services in bioinformatics to life sciences and health researchers throughout Queensland and beyond. The QCIF Node will collaborate nationally through its EMBL-ABR data submission services and continued partnering in the development and operation of the Genomics Virtual Lab.

EMBL-icon-compute The QCIF Node provides extensive computational facilities using high performance clusters and Cloud resources to support bioinformatics data, tools and platforms. All researchers across Australia can access resources via QRISCompute. QRISCompute facilitates access to NeCTAR cloud compute infrastructure including Euramoo – a cloud-based computer cluster built on the NeCTARcloud. FlashLite is a research computer that has been designed and optimised for data intensive computing, in particular for life science computing.
EMBL-icon-data The QCIF Node facilitates a range of services including tailored data chaperoning and solutions for processing, managing, sharing and archiving of high value data. Hosting and mirroring of national and international reference data collections such as the 1000 Genomes and the Bioplatforms Australia collections is also provided.


ArachnoServer and Tox|Note are online resources that store spider venom protein toxin sequence and structural data, and provide analysis and decision pipelines to fast track the analysis and sharing of spider venom-gland transcriptome data.

EMBL-icon-platforms The QCIF Node is part of a national collaborative effort to develop a national platform for multi-omics analysis and interpretation, the AntiBiotic Resistance Pathogens Initiative.


The QCIF Node is involved in the nationally-funded eResearch infrastructure, med.data, which provides petabyte-scale research data storage, and related high-speed networked computational services, to clinicians and researchers from Australian medical and health research organisations wanting to share health datasets.


The Genomics Virtual Laboratory is a national cloud-based suite of genomics tools, statistical environment and workflow/analysis engines, that makes use of the QCIF Node’s service development, service hosting and management, and service operation.


The QCIF Node provides service hosting and management and user training and support for a Beacon Server. It is used as a training server to demonstrate to researchers how genomic information can be shared without compromising patient privacy.

EMBL-icon-training Empowering Life Science and Health researchers to get the most out of their research data, the QCIF Node provides training to up-skill students and researchers in digital infrastructure usage, and in best practice data analysis in bioinformatics, biostatistics and health informatics. Training resources will be made available online and facilitated access to QFAB@QCIF tools, applications, data and resources will be extended nationally through the EMBL-ABR network.



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