Metabolomics Australia (MA) is a research and service delivery national platform providing high throughput metabolomics services to researchers. Experts distributed nationally across five nodes have developed scientific tools, scientific databases and data management software platforms that have been adopted by the MA network and by international metabolomics facilities. The MA Node will complement the EMBL-ABR network by making these resources easily accessible, while continuing to provide specialist training workshops for researchers and students and contributing to metabolomics data standarisation through its collaborations with international partners.

EMBL-icon-data The MA Node generates scientific databases, including a current project to generate mass spectral database for metabolites of sepsis-causing bacteria. Utilising applied software developed in-house, the curated mass spectra database will be linked to genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data collected on the same bacterial pathogens, providing a unique resource for researchers. This publically available data will lead to better understanding of these pathogens by biological researchers and clinicians.
EMBL-icon-tools The MA Node has developed a number of software tools, including PyMS, for rapid alignment and identification of GC/MS peaks, and MAR, an R-based statistical analysis tool key for analyzing metabolomics datasets. These tools are open source and the MA Node will work on providing them for broader use via workflow solutions like Galaxy and Knime. In addition to assisting with their dissemination, EMBL-ABR will support the long term hosting of these tools.
EMBL-icon-platforms The MA Node will work with collaborators to incorporate international standards into tailored platforms for the metabolomic and proteomic research communities. The metabolomics-specific laboratory information system, MASTR-MS, was developed by MA and MASTR-MS is currently being tested for use with proteomics workflows. MAMBO-MS is a mass spectral library building and populate mass spectral libraries. Interaction with the EMBL-ABR network to disseminate and in the long term host these resources will support their development and accessibility.
EMBL-icon-training The MA Node will provide training workshops on metabolomics data processing and statistical analysis in conjunction with the EMBL-ABR network.


Dr Saravanan Dayalan

Head of Bioinformatics

Metabolomics Australia


+61 3 8344 2434