EMBL-ABR Affiliated Events run by Nodes



Support from HUB:

Materials to provide all organisers of node workshops:

  • Background slides for explaining EMBL-ABR
  • EMBL-ABR survey template
  • Offer to input and evaluate survey data
  • Event listing via iAnn
  • T-shirts for workshop faculty
  • Handout template
  • Promotion of the event in newsletter, twitter and EMBL-ABR events webpage

Expectations from Node:

  • When possible include 2-pager on printed materials, and provide the quick overview about EMBL-ABR inviting
  • Include EMBL-ABR logo on workshop website, with link to EMBL-ABR website
  • When it’s a hands on training event, we expect feedback to be collected. The node should at least sharing survey feedback which includes minimum set of questions when not adopting EMBL-ABR Hub support on setting and running the survey
  • Providing information to the HUB so that workshop can be promoted and advertise through EMBL-ABR channels, including newsletter
  • Contribution to annual report with a summary and major highlights from this events to be provided after each workshop to EMBL-ABR Hub
  • Taking part on long term feedback and impact monitoring of Training

have a question? Please contact EMBL-ABR Hub Training Coordinator.