Open Science: an interview with David Lynn

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Open Science: an interview with David Lynn

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This month we are pleased to interview Assoc Prof David Lynn. Since 2014 David has been a European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Australia Group Leader at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). He is also an Associate Professor at Flinders University School of Medicine. His group has built up considerable resources for research in immunology, and he is quick to acknowledge that the shared resources of others were essential to that. So Open Science is a concept he supports, but he says it needs appropriate incentives to work: “Right now, most assessment of scientific impact (e.g. for grants, promotion, etc) is based on the quantity and quality of publications. Researchers frequently do not formally cite the bioinformatics software they use. We need to ensure that high-quality, well-supported code, software and data are appreciated and considered when considering impact. We therefore need agreed metrics to do this and to weight them similarly to traditional citations. If done properly this will further incentivise, open, well-supported data and resources.”

Full interview.

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