CyVerse CyVerse


  • to identify the data and tool requirements in the Australian biological research community
  • to understand how Australian researchers are currently using structured, integrated analysis applications and workflows
  • to make a roadmap towards democratising Australian science so that research groups lacking capacity to build close working relationships with experts from other disciplines can work on large datasets using publicly available workflows in a single online location with consistent rules, formatting and required skills.

2017 Aim

In line with best-practice reuse of data, applications and resources, CyVerse AU will be working with CyVerse in federating the parts of CyVerse most useful to and demanded by the community in Australia, towards a partial or entire federated CyVerse in Australia. At the same time, this provides an opportunity for appropriate Australia tools to be integrated into Cyverse, which will highlight Australian research at the global scale and help build a common, international biological science platform while preventing duplication of effort and funding.

About us
CyVerse AU is a nascent collaboration between scientists at the University of Arizona, the Texas Advanced Computing Center and the EMBL-ABR: Melbourne Bioinformatics Node towards a strategy to set up an Australian-based federation of The CyVerse Collaborative.

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