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Open Science, Open Data, Open Source: 21st century research skills for life scientists

Open Science, Open Data, Open Source is published by colleagues in the EU.

Its introduction offers: 

The goal of this resource is to give a bird’s eye view of the developments in open scientific research. That is, we cover both social developments (e.g. the culture in various communities) as well as technological ones. As such, no part of the contents are especially in-depth or geared towards advanced users of specific practices or tools. Nevertheless, certain sections are more relevant to some people than to others.

Audiences include:

  • Graduate students 
  • Lab technicians 
  • Data scientists
  • Principal investigators 
  • Scientific publishers 
  • Science funders and policy makers 
  • Science communicators.


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EMBL-ABR: an interview with Malvika Sharan

Category : open science

This week we interview EMBL Computational Biologist, Malvika Sharan on the subject of Open Science. Her view is that there are ways for biologists to protect their intellectual property and still contribute to Open Science using the example of biorXiv, which allows pre-publication archiving and distribution of manuscripts and data related to biosciences.

Full interview.

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