The Australian Genomics Research Facility is involved in biological data generation and research programs involAGRFlogoving Australia animals, crop-plants, bacterial, fungi and corals, soil microbiomes and melanoma sequencing in collaboration with Bioplatforms Australia. As an enabler of world class genomic science through the provision of genomics technology and services, new data integration platform development initiatives are already in progress. AGRF has an existing national reach in Australia, allowing rapid dissemination and uptake of new resources and information, and strengthening the EMBL-ABR network.


EMBL-icon-training AGRF will develop training activities targeted to life scientists working on non model organisms. These interactive materials will be available online and will also form part of EMBL-ABR’s ‘Training & Learning’ program.
EMBL-icon-tools AGRF will share databases, tools and pipelines developed via active collaborations. As well as exchanging tailored pipelines and specific tools AGRF will work with EMBL-ABR to nurture a sustainable environment for a variety of tools and pipelines produced in Australia.
EMBL-icon-compute AGRF will improve data transfer for researchers by pushing the data directly to a high performance computing environment.  The workflows developed to reduce data transaction time and human error by accessing high performance compute for whole genome level studies can be adopted by EMBL-ABR nodes around Australia.