The Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society (ABACBS)

The Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society (ABACBS, pron.ˈabəkəs) is focused on the science and profession of bioinformatics and computational biology in Australia. abacbs-2

ABACBS aims to

  • strengthen the science and profession
  • encourage and support students
  • provide representation and advocacy
  • promote interaction and awareness of bioinformatics and computational biology

EMBL-ABR encourages Australian Bioinformaticians to become members of ABACBS as it offers the best forum to participate and discuss bioinformatics career developments and opportunities and to advance awareness and recognition of this ever-expanding field. ABACBS is also the place for listings for all job opportunities for bioinformaticians across the Australian research community.

EMBL-ABR differs from ABACBS in that it aims to create awareness for funding support for much-needed bioinformatics infrastructure across Data, Tools, Standards, Platforms, Compute and Training, something that is currently missing and needs to be supported and shared by all. It is a complex story to tell and it needs telling across government, academia and industry so that we can obtain the required levels of funding and investment to ensure bioformaticians and life scientists in Australia can operate at world standards. In doing so, we are also working to generate global interest in unique and useful Australian data and tools.

EMBL-ABR is actively part of the ABACBS education and training subcommittee through the representation of EMBL-ABR: AGRF Node Head, Sonika Tyagi, who is also EMBL-ABR Key Area: Training Coordinator. EMBL-ABR Training is focussed on providing coordination tools for the end-user training provided by EMBL-ABR Nodes, by adopting and implementing existing tools and standards already in place overseas, such as iAnn (training events registry) and STM (training materials registry). These are activities we put at the service of the ABACBS community too.

In turn, in late 2016 EMBL-ABR welcomed Tony Papenfuss to its International Scientific Advisory Group.

We believe is crucial to communicate and have a dialogue with ABACBS and we wish for that to grow and become a routine part of our operational processes.